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(21.)   Frei, Jonas     [ 2022 ]
52 Ausfllüge in die urbane Pflanzenwelt. Mit Hintergrundwissen zur Stadtvegetation. Biodiversität in der Stadt entdecken - unterwegs zu Vogelmiere, Götterbaum und wilde Karde.
352 pages, illustr., hardcover, dt.
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(22.)   Frey, Wolfgang, (Edit.)     [ 2022 ]
Syllabus of Plant Families. Part 5/1. Magnoliopsida (Angiosperms) p. p.. Subclass Magnoliidae p. p.: Liliana p. p. (Arecales to Zingiberales), Ceratophyllanae. Subclass Rosidae p. p. (Ranunculanae to Berberidopsidanae)
This volume provides a thorough treatise of the world-wide morphological and molecular diversity of the Arecales to Zingiberales and Ceratophyllanae and the Ranunculanae to Berberidopsanae. Especially the Poales, Ranunculales, Saxifragales, Fabales, Malpighiales and Brassicales are extremely divers with a fascinating range of morphological and biological variation, distributed from the arctic tundra to the tropical rainforests. Many species and cultivars play an important role in human food and as ornamentals. Engler''s Syllabus of Plant Families has since its first publication in 1887 aimed to provide both the researcher, and particularly the student with a concise survey of the plant kingdom as a whole, presenting all higher systematic units right down to families and genera of plants and fungi. In 1954, more than 60 years ago, the 12th edition of the well-known Syllabus der Pflanzenfamilien (Syllabus of Plant Families), set a standard. Now, the completely restructured and revised 13th edition of Engler''s Syllabus published in 5 parts and in English language for the first time also considers molecular data, which have only recently become available in order to provide an up-to-date evolutionary and systematic overview of the plant groups treated. In our molecular times there is a vitally important and growing need to preserve the knowledge of the entire range of diversity and biology of organisms for coming generations, as there is a decline in classical morphological and taxonomical expertise, especially for less popular (showy) groups of organisms. Accordingly, the 13th edition of Syllabus of Plant Families synthesizes both modern data and classical expertise, serving to educate future experts who will maintain our knowledge of the full range of Earth''s biodiversity. Syllabus of Plant Families is a mandatory reference for students, experts and researchers from all fields of biological sciences, particularly botany.
XII+671 pages, many colour plates, tables, hardcover, engl. (Syllabus of Plant Families, 5), 13. ed.
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(23.)   Frings, Stephan     [ 2021 ]
Die Sinne der Tiere: Lehrbuch der vergleichenden Sinnesphysiologie
654 pages, illustr., hardcover, dt.
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(24.)   Galstyan, Tamar     [ 2022 ]
A Field Guide to the Plants of Armenia
The flora of Armenia is one of the most diverse in the world and includes many favourite garden plants and their relatives. This field guide describes more than 1.000 plants including bulbs, herbaceous plants, woody plants grasses and ferns.
592 pages, illustr, Paper bound, engl.
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(25.)   Gerhardt, Ewald, &, Gerhardt, Marina     [ 2021 ]
Insekten. Über 1.360 heimische Arten, 3640 Farbotos
Seit mehr als 13 Jahren erforscht und fotografiert das Ehepaar Gerhardt die Welt der heimischen Insekten.
1533 pages, durchgehend mit Farbfotos, hardcover, dt.
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(26.)   Glandt, Dieter, &, Trapp, Benny     [ 2022 ]
Die Amphibien & Reptilien Europas. Beobachten und Bestimmen
Amphibien und Reptilien werden immer beliebter. Sie näher kennenzulernen, wird ihnen mit Hilfe dieses Buches gelingen. Denn dieses neue Bestimmungsbuch stellt über 260 Arten Europas systematisch vor und geht dabei vor allem auf die Methodik bei der Bestimmung, Beobachtung und Erfassung der Arten ein. Anhand eines Schlüssels werden die bestimmungsrelevanten Details genau erklärt und die Lebensräume, in denen man die Tiere finden kann, aufgezeigt. Ein eigenes Kapitel widmet sich sogar den "Ausnahme-Exemplaren", die von der üblichen Färbung und Zeichnung abweichen.
535 pages, ca. 515 farbige Abb, hardcover, dt.
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(27.)   Glandt, Dieter, &, Trapp, Benny     [ 2022 ]
Heimische Amphibien ganz nah. Alle Arten erkennen, beobachten und schützen
ca. 180 pages, illustr, Paper bound, dt.
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(28.)   Glöer, Peter     [ 2022 ]
The Freshwater Gastropods of the West-Palaearctis. Volume 2. Moitessieriiae, Bythinellidae, Stenothyridae
399 pages, zahlr. Farbtafeln und Verbreitungskarten, , engl.
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(29.)   Glöer, Peter     [ 2022 ]
The Freshwater Gastropods of the West-Palaearctis. Volume 3. Hydrobiidae
596 pages, zahlr. Farbtafeln und Verbreitungskarten, , engl.
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(30.)   Haeupler, Henning     [ 2022 ]
Vom Äquator zu den Polarkreisen: Vegetationsbilder der Erde. Band 2
Band 2: Spezieller Teil: C 1.2 - C 5 Wechselfeuchte und trockene Tropen bis Subtropen und polare Gürtel sowie D Lebensraum Ozeane.
400 pages, illustr., hardcover, dt.
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