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(91.)   Neue Entomologische Nachrichten     [ 1986 - 1999 ]
Bände 19-29, 31-38, 40-46
27 Hefte, Abgabe einzelner Bände auf Anfrage.
mehrere tausend pages, softcover, dt./engl. , ()
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(92.)   Newland, David, Still, Robert, &, Swash, Andy     [ 2013 ]
  Series: Wild Guides...
Britain''s Flying Moths: A Field Guide to the Day-Flying Moths of Britain and Ireland
This concise photographic field guide will help you identify any of the 100 or so day-flying moths found in Britain and Ireland. Combining stunning photographs, authoritative text, and an easy-to-use design, Britain''s Day-Flying Moths makes a perfect traveling companion - one that will increase your enjoyment of these colourful and intriguing creatures. Like butterflies, some moths fly regularly in sunshine, whereas others that usually fly only at night are readily disturbed from their resting places during the day. Britain''s Day-Flying Moths describes all of these species, with at least one photograph of each in its natural, resting pose. The text includes a brief description of each moth, with details of its life history, where and when to look for it, its status, the food plants of its caterpillars, and its special features. Introductory sections cover many topics, including how to distinguish moths from butterflies, classification, life cycle and behaviour, ecological importance, the impact of habitat and climate change, recording and monitoring, and conservation. "Some moths, like butterflies, fly regularly in sunshine, and others that usually fly only at night are readily disturbed from their resting places during the day. Britain''s Day-Flying Moths, a new national moth title, aims to cover both categories of species. This handy and concise 225-page photographic field guide promises to help you identify any of the 155 day-flying moths found in Britain and Ireland.
224 pages, 200 colour photographs, maps, flex, engl. (Wild Guides, )
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(93.)   Niehuis, Manfred     [ 2013 ]
Die Buntkäfer in Rheinland-Pfalz und im Saarland
Das vorliegende Grundlagenwerk über die Buntkäfer von Rheinland-Pfalz und des Saarlandes gibt auf breiter Datenbasis und unter Berücksichtigung eines umfangreichen weltweit erschienenen Schrifttums einen umfassenden Überblick über eine in vielfacher Hinsicht hoch interessante Käfergruppe, die sich nicht nur durch die Schönheit ihrer Arten auszeichnet.
683 pages, durchgehend mit Farbfotografien, hardcover, dt. (Edit: Gesellschaft für Naturschutz und Ornithologie , Rheinland-Pfalz e.V. (GNOR)) (Fauna und Flora in Rheinland-Pfalz, Beiheft 44)
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(94.)   O''Toole, Chrsitopher     [ 2013 ]
Bees. A Natural History
Only recently have biologists discovered that human survival is inextricably linked to the survival of insects, specifically, bees. Today the 16-20,000 species of bee continue to play vital roles in human ecology. We survive only by grace of the life-sustaining network of bee-plant relationships. Bees immerses readers in the world of Apinae whose diversity of form and behaviour is eloquent testimony to the fine-tuning of natural selection. Written by a world-leading entomologist and specialist in bees, the book''s topics include: What are bees? (The Wasp Inheritance) - Bees as foragers, their nesting instinct, on-board computing facility, sun-compass orientation and sense of time, The many ways of being a bee - Solitary versus social, Miners and masons, Leafcutters and carpenters, Bees and flowering plants, The male of the species - Mating strategies, patrols, competition, territoriality, the role of scent, The enemies of bees - Cleptoparasites, cuckoo bees, Bees and People - historic and contemporary, Bees in Folk and Modern Medicine, The Conservation of Bees - the decline of bees and honeybees, bees in human ecology, bee conservation, urban bees, Bee projects - the backyard bee scientist. Bees can be found throughout history in roles poetic and military, in medicine and agriculture, in the kitchen and in the kit of a traditional healer. They have played a bigger role in human existence than is often recognized. This beautifully illustrated, appreciative tribute will be welcomed by entomologists, students and all naturalist readers.
240 pages, many colour illustrations, hardcover, engl.
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(95.)   Paolucci, Paolo     [ 2013 ]
Butterflies and Burnets of the Alps and their larvae, pupae and cocoons
This book contains more than 2000 colour drawings of 254 species of butterflies (Hesperioidea and Papilionoidea), 27 species of Burnets (Zygaena) and a good number of subspecies, forms and varieties. For each species consice information is given about the distribution incl. altitudional distribution, habitat, host plant or plants, flight period, and other biological details. Besides several illustrations of the adults of each species, this unique guide also presents a set of illustrations of larvae, pupae and cocoons for most species, incl. short captions on their distinctive characteristics. Introduction to each family and subfamily.
480 pages, ill. throughout in colour, softcover, engl.
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(96.)   Peyron, John     [ 1909 ]
Zur Morphologie der skandinavischen Schmetterlinge
304 pages, 10 Tafeln, 232 Textfiguren, softcover, dt. (Kungl. Svenska Vetenskapsakademiens Handlingar, 44 (1)), Uppsala & Stockholm ()
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(97.)   Phillips, Roger, &, Carter, David     [ 1991 ]
Kosmos-Atlas Schmetterlinge. Europäische Tag- und Nachtfalter
191 pages, durchgehend mir Farbfotografien, hardcover, dt. , Stuttgart (Franckh-Kosmos), 2. ed.
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(98.)   Pilot, Henk Moller     [ 2013 ]
Chironomidae Larvae. part 3. Aquatic Orthacladiinae - Water Quality Management. Biology and Ecology of Aquatic Orthocladiinae
An invaluable tool for aquatic ecologists and water quality management. Chironomids are a group of non-biting midges, the larvae of which are important in aquatic ecosystems. The subfamily Orthocladiinae is well represented in flowing water. This books contains information about their life cycle, feeding behaviour and their response to environmental factors. Presents a wealth of information for scientific and practical purpose. The subfamily Orthocladiinae is especially well represented in flowing water. Most of the species need a good supply of oxygen and few larvae are bottom dwellers. Many species emerge early in spring and may be scarce in summer. Other species live in stagnant and even temporary water bodies. The author has brought together information about the life cycle and feeding behaviour of the larvae and their response to environmental factors such as oxygen conditions, current velocity and saprobity. Special attention has been paid to the interrelations between these factors. Problems with nomenclature and identification are also briefly treated. An invaluable tool for aquatic ecologists and water quality management.
320 pages, hardcover, engl.
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(99.)   Pittioni, Emanuel     [ 1943 ]
Die Käfer von Niederdonau: Die Curti-Sammlung im Museum des Reichgaues Niederdonau. I. Einführung: Carabidae - Scydmanidae II: Silphidae - Pythidae
189 pages, hardcover, dt. (Niederdonau: Natur und Kultur, 23/1 und 23/2), Wien - Leipzig (Karl Kühne)
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(100.)   Portevin, G.     [ 1929 - 1935 ]
Histoire naturelle des Coleopteres de France. 4 vols
Rare classic set on the Coleoptera of France.
X+649, VI+542, VI+774, VI+500 pages, 20 colour plates, 1998 text figures, hardcover, franz. (Encyclopédie Entomolologique, 12, 13, 17, 18), Paris (Paul Lechevalier)
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