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Bibliotheca Diatomoligica     - Vol. 11
(1.)   Gasse, F.     [ 1986 ]
East Africa diatoms. Taxonomy, ecological distribution
201 pages, 44 plates, softcover, engl. (Bibliotheca Diatomologica, 11), Berlin-Stuttgart (J. Cramer in der Geb. Bornträger Verlagsbuchhandlung)
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Bibliotheca Diatomoligica     - Vol. 12
(2.)   Foged, Niels     [ 1986 ]
Diatoms in Gambia. Diatoms in the Volo Bay, Greece
220 pages, 38 plates, softcover, engl. (Bibliotheca Diatomologica, 12), Berlin-Stuttgart (J. Cramer in der Geb. Bornträger Verlagsbuchhandlung)
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Bibliotheca Diatomoligica     - Vol. 20
(3.)   Wendker, Susanne     [ 1990 ]
Untersuchungen zur subfossilen und rezenten Diatomeenflora des Schlei-Ästuars (Ostsee)
255 pages, 25 Abbildungen, 40 Tabellen, Paper bound, dt. (Bibliotheca Diatomologica, Band 20), Berlin, Stuttgart (J. Cramer in der Geb. Bornträger Verlagsbuchhandlung)
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Bibliotheca Diatomoligica     - Vol. 53
(4.)   Tanaka, Hiroyuki     [ 2007 ]
Taxonomic Studies of the Genera Cyclotella (Kützing) Brébisson, Dicostella Houk et Klee and Puncticulata Hakansson in the Family Sephanodisaceae Glezer et Makarova (Bacillariophyta) in Japan
204 pages, 70 plates, softcover, engl. (Bibliotheca Diatomologica, 53)
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Bibliotheca Diatomoligica     - Vol. 54
(5.)   Novelo, Eberto, Tavero, Rosaluz, &, Ibarra, Claudia     [ 2007 ]
Bacillariophyceae from Karstic Wetlands in Mexico. Dedicated to Dr. Arturo Gómez-Pompa
136 pages, 3 figures, 21 plates, Paper bound, engl. (Bibliotheca Diatomologica, 54)
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Bibliotheca Diatomoligica     - Vol. 55
(6.)   Kulikovsky, Maxim, S., Lange-Bertalot, Horst, Witkowski, Andrzej, Dorofeyuk, Nadwzsda I., &, Genkal, Sergei I., (Eds.)     [ 2010 ]
Diatom assemblages from Sphagnum bogs of the World. I. Nur bog in northern Mongolia
326 pages, 1 figure, 118 plates, Paper bound, engl. (Bibliotheca Diatomologica, 55)
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Bibliotheca Diatomoligica     - Vol. 60
(7.)   Alverez-Blanco, Irene, &, Blanco, Saúl     [ 2014 ]
Benthic diatoms from Mediterranean coasts
The authors present a taxonomic study of benthic diatoms collected from coastal rocks in seven northern Mediterranean sites (Italy, Spain, Greece, Turkey) in spring of 2010. An iconographic catalogue of high-quality SEM and light microscopic images, plus detailed taxonomic, nomenclatural and bibliographic information, are provided as a practical reference for further taxonomic and floristic studies on 91 plates. 120 representative diatom taxa, among them several poorly known species, selected from 23 samples, are described in terms of their abundance. The authors provide detailed information on the type material of each diatom species, a list of synonyms, a comparison of morphometric data provided in the literature (in tables) and a series of iconographic SEM-images which illustrate the taxon''s morphological variability, plus an exhaustive list of references. Nomenclature, taxonomy and systematic position of the described taxa are updated. Eight taxa are described as new to science and another seven are nomenclaturally recombined. Eight taxa are new records for the Mediterranean Sea and for five taxa Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) images are presented for the first time. An exhaustive reference list and indices of taxa conclude this volume and make it a valuable source of information for biologists working on benthic diatoms in general, not only of the Mediterranean region.
409 pages, 1 figure, 3 tables, 91 plates, Paper bound, engl. (Bibliotheca Diatomologica, Band 60)
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