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  Ecology, Biodiversity and Conservation - 3 volumes
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Ecology, Biodiversity and Conservation    
(1.)   Stokland, Jogeir N., Siitonen, Juha, &, Jonsson, Bengt Gunnar     [ 2012 ]
Biodiversity in Dead Wood
Fossils document the existence of trees and wood-associated organisms from almost 400 million years ago, and today there are between 400,000 and 1 million wood-inhabiting species in the world. This is the first book to synthesise the natural history and conservation needs of wood-inhabiting organisms. Presenting a thorough introduction to biodiversity in decaying wood, the book studies the rich diversity of fungi, insects and vertebrates that depend upon dead wood. It describes the functional diversity of these organisms and their specific habitat requirements in terms of host trees, decay phases, tree dimensions, microhabitats and the surrounding environment. Recognising the threats posed by timber extraction and forest management, the authors also present management options for protecting and maintaining the diversity of these species in forests as well as in agricultural landscapes and urban parks.
XIX+509 pages, 92 b/w illustr., 21 tables, Paper bound, engl. (Ecology, Biodiversity and Conservation, )
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Ecology, Biodiversity and Conservation    
(2.)   Franklin, Janet     [ 2009 ]
Mapping Species Distribution
Compehensive summary of species distribution modeling methods integrating ecological and statistical models with spatial data, and a framework for implementation.
250 pages, 57 b/w illustr., 20 tables, hardcover, engl. (Ecology, Biodiversity and Conservation, )
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Ecology, Biodiversity and Conservation    
(3.)   New, Timothy R.     [ 2009 ]
Insect species Conservation
Insects are the most diverse and abundant animals that share our world, and conservation initiatives are increasingly needed and being implemented globally, to safeguard the wealth of individual species. This book provides sfficient background information, illustrated by examples from many parts of the world, to enable more confident and efficient progress towards the conservation of these ecologically indispensable animals.
XV+256 pages, tabs., softcover, engl. (Ecology, Biodiversity and Conservation, )
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