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Norrlinia     - Vol. 6
(1.)   Vitikainen, Orvo, Ahti, Teuvo, Kuusinen, Mikko, &, Ulvinen, Tauno     [ 1997 ]
Checklist of lichens and allied fungi of Finland
A checklist of lichen-forming, lichenicolous and allied fungi occuring in Finland.
123 pages, softcover, engl. (Norrlinia, 6)
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Norrlinia     - Vol. 7
(2.)   Uotila, Pertti, &, Heikkilä, Ulla, (Eds.)     [ 1999 ]
Threatened plants and lichens on the northwest shore of Lago Lagoda, Republic of Karelia, Russia
111 pages, softcover, engl. (Norrlinia, 7)
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Norrlinia     - Vol. 9
(3.)   Sennikov, Alexander N.     [ 2002 ]
Bibliographic catalogue of Hieracium and Pilosella names published by Finnish authors
109 pages, softcover, engl. (Norrlinia, 9)
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Norrlinia     - Vol. 10
(4.)   Härkönen, Marja, Niemelä, Tuomo, &, Mwasumbi, Leonard     [ 2003 ]
Tanzanian mushrooms
200 pages, softcover, engl. (Norrlinia, 10)
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Norrlinia     - Vol. 16
(5.)   Kuznetsova, E., Ahti, Teuvo, &, Himelbrant, D.     [ 2007 ]
Lichens and allied fungi of the Eastern Leningrad Region
An annotated catalog of the lichen-forming, lichenicolous and allied fungi of the Eastern Leningrad Region, Russia is presented. It is based on field trips, revision of herbarium specimens in herbaria in Russia, Finland and Sweden and a critical review of data in literature as well as archives.
62 pages, Paper bound, engl. (Norrlinia, 16)
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Norrlinia     - Vol. 21
(6.)   Stenroos, Soili, Ahti, Teuvo, &, Myllys, Leena, (Eds.)     [ 2011 ]
Suomen jäkäläopoas (Lichen Flora of Finland)
In the Lichen flora of Finland, we present all the macrolichens and some of the most common crustose lichens known from Finland. The total number of species, subspecies or varieties treated is 481. In the introductory section topics such as lichen morphology, chemistry, reproduction, taxonomy, ecology and threatened species are discussed. An overview of lichen research in Finland is also provided. The treatment of taxa includes genus and species descriptions, the most common colour reactions and chemical substances as well as ecological and distribution data. Common synonyms and threat status are given where relevant. For genera with multiple taxa an identification key is also included. Furthermore, a key to parmelioid taxa is provided. Each taxon is illustrated with a colour photograph and a distribution map. Distribution data are based on field studies of the authors, herbarium specimens and literature. The scientific, Finnish and Swedish names of all taxa are indexed, and a glossary of terms is included. In addition, the book includes a simple Finnish-English dictionary of key words used in descriptions as well as a list of selected references.
534 pages, many colour photographs, maps, hardcover, finn. (mit engl. abstract) (Norrlinia, 21)
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Norrlinia     - Vol. 23
(7.)   Niemelä, Tuomo     [ 2011 ]
Viohreä - kasvilisuutta (Green Africa - plants and vegetation)
The most important vegetation types of Africa are introduced, with East Africa and southern Central Africa as examples. Selected important trees and other plant species are described and illustrated from each vegetation type. The Introduction includes a short overview on the geological history of the continent, and on the ways those events are now seen in the distributions of various vegetation types, their characteristics and species. The description of African vegetation types focuses on five themes: savannas, drylands, rainforests, montane vegetation and wetlands. The savannas are divided in two main types: arid savannas and miombo woodlands, and these are analysed in depth. The driest vegetation types are variable and include plenty of local specified forms, and these can be illustrated with selected examples only. The main rainforest areas of the Congo basin and West Africa fall outside the scope of the book, but rainforest ecology is introduced with East African coastal rainforests as examples. Mountains and ranges are restricted and scattered in Africa, but highlands harbour a lush and diverse vegetation, with a high number of endemic taxa. All this is treated extensively, starting from moist forests of mountain foothills, and ending in the upper limit of plant growth 5 000 metres high up. Wetlands and coastline vegetation are briefly dealt with. After the description of vegetation types there is a summary of African phytochoria, as they are usually treated in text-books, plus a sketch towards a new approach in which the relationships of the main vegetation types are sought not only from links between trees and other vegetation, but also between their symbiotic mycota. The last text section deals with the terms of living for African people: agriculture and cultivated plants, plant products cathered from the wild, future prospects and possibilities of nature protection. New Finnish names for over 200 African trees and other plants are here published for the first time - these were compiled by the Plant-name Committee of the Finnish Biological Society Vanamo. In the end there is a glossary of botanical terms, references for each text section, and an extensive list of literature.
320 pages, Paper bound, finn. (mit engl. abstract) (Norrlinia, 23)
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Norrlinia     - Vol. 28
(8.)   Stenroos, Soili, Velmala, Saara, Pykäla, Juha, &, Ahti, Teuvo     [ 2014 ]
Suomen Rupijäkälät (The Crustose lichens of Finland)
Treats 300 species in detail. Including many colour photographs and maps. Added is a list of lichen-forming and lichenicolous fungi known from Finland.
453 pages, many colour photographs, hardcover, finn. (mit engl. abstract) (Norrlinia, 28)
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Norrlinia     - Vol. 30
(9.)   Stenroos, Soili, Velmala, Saara, Pykäla, Juha, &, Ahti, Teuvo     [ 2021 ]
Lichens of Finland
Lichens of Finland is based on the two recent guidebooks. Suomen jäkäläopas and Suomen rupijäkälät. In total, 212 genera and 748 species, subspecie, or varieties are presented in detail. In the introduction topics such as lichen characters, taxonomy, habitats, and threatened taxa are discussed. Also, an overview of lichen research in Finland is provided. The treatment of taxa includes genus and species descriptions as well as habitat data and distribution. Each taxon is illustrated with a colour photograph. An updated checklist of Finnish lichens, lichenicolous fungi, and some lichen-like fungi, altogether 1952 taxa, is provided. This book is intended for professionals and natur enthusiasts alike.
896 pages, colour ill. throughout, hardcover, engl. (Norrlinia, 30), 2. corr. ed.
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