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Plant and Vegetation     - Vol. 11
(11.)   Tang, Cindy Q.     [ 2015 ]
The Subtropical Vegetation of Southwestern China
The book provides a wealth of high-quality scientific information on the patterns and processes of vegetation change across a broad range of spatial and temporale scales, concentrating on Southwestern China, mostly on the Yunnan region, and extending to the Yangtze River vally near the boundaries separating Chongquinq, Sichuan and Guizhou.
363 pages, illustr., hardcover, engl.
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Plant and Vegetation     - Vol. 14
(12.)   Chytry, Milan, Dabihelka, Jiri, Kaplan, Zdenek, &, Pysek, Petr, (Eds.)     [ 2017 ]
Flora and Vegetation of the Czech Republic
This book provides basic information on the botanical diversity in the Czech Republic and relates the patterns in flora and vegetation to environmental factors, biogeographical history and human impact. Focusing on vascular plants, bryophytes and lichens, it summarizes the data on taxonomic diversity and provides details of relict, endemic, rare, alien and other biogeographically important species. Main vegetation types are characterized in terms of their structure, distribution, ecology and dynamics, emphasizing the long-term vegetation changes since the late Pleistocene, historical impact of humans on vegetation and current changes in vegetation including the impact of alien species. Special attention is paid to the conservation of threatened plant species and their habitats and ecological restoration. An account of the history of botanical research in this country is also provided. The book is illustrated with numerous maps, graphs and photographs of plant species and communities. The book is an essential reference for any biogeographer, botanist and plant ecologist who is working in Central Europe or is searching for both general and more specific information on this part of the world.
XII+466 pages, hardcover, engl.
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Plant and Vegetation     - Vol. 15
(13.)   Smirnova, Olga V., Bobrovsky, Maxim V., &, Khanina, Larisa G., (Eds.)     [ 2017 ]
European Russian Forests. Their current State and Features of their History
The European Russian forests are described within the boreal, hemiboreal and nemoral forest regions, floodplain forests are also characterized. The book presents a classification and description of forest vegetation, soil characteristic and assessments of plant diversity and successional status of forest plant communities. Structure and composition of vegetation in early- and late-successional forests are analyzed with an emphasis on forests in State Nature reserves. Features of the historical land-use, such as slash-and-burn, forest cutting, grazing, influence of fires on forest ecosystems, etc. are discussed for each forest region. The book contains an analysis of the general dynamics of the forest cover during the last two decades based on satellite image processing. The main stages of transformation of forest landscapes in European Russia during the Holocene are briefly reviewed in connection with the development of the production economy of people.
XIV+564 pages, 79 s/w-Abbildungen, 120 Abbildungen in Farbe, hardcover, engl. (Plant and Vegetation, 15)
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Plant and Vegetation     - Vol. 1213
(14.)   Loidi, Javier, (Edit.)     [ 2017 ]
The Vegetation of the Iberian Peninsula. 2 volume-set
With contributions by 70 Spanish and Portuguese flora and vegetation experts, this book offers an updated and comprehensive synthesis of the plant communities of the Iberian Peninsula and Balearic Islands. It is divided into two volumes, the first of which addresses the general history, geography, bioclimatology, flora, vegetation dynamics and biogeography of the area. It also provides a detailed description of the vegetation of 9 territorial sectors of the central and northern half of the area by selected regional experts. In the second volume, a first section describes the vegetation of the remaining 5 sectors, while a second section examines particular features of coasts, high mountains, aquatic environments, gypsum and dolomite areas, invasive plants, biodiversity and human-shaped landscapes. It is a valuable resource for scientists as all the basic information is offered for research documenting purposes, for conservationists as it is framed within the Habitat Directive typology, and for anyone interested in the terrestrial ecosystems of that part of the world.
1250 pages, hardcover, engl.
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