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Regnum Vegetabile    
(1.)   International Bureau for Plant Taxonomy and Nomenclature, (Edit.)     [ 1969 - 1977 ]
Regnum Vegetabile, Vols. 63, 70, 72, 73, 75, 76, 77, 78, 80, 81, 83, 84, 85, 87, 88, 89, 90, 91, 95, 95
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ca. 3000 pages, Paper bound, hardbound, engl. (Regnum Vegetabile, ), Utrecht ()
Ehemalige Bibliotheksexemplare. Erhaltungszustand unterschiedlich, meist gut.
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Regnum Vegetabile     - Vol. 99
(2.)   Gradstein, S. Robbert     [ 1979 ]
Directory of bryologists and bryological research
81 pages, Paper bound, engl. (Regnum Vegetabile, 99), Utrecht ()
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Regnum Vegetabile     - Vol. 140
(3.)   Richter, Hermann Eberhard     [ 2003 ]
Codex Botanicus Linnaeanus. Volume 1: English translation of the introductory text and facsimile. Volume 2: Alphabetical Index to The Linnaean Botanical Index
53+XXXII+1102, IV+202 pages, hardcover, engl./lat. (Regnum Vegetabile, 140), Ruggell (A.R.G. Ganter)
Antiquarisches Exemplar. Neuwertig.
Neupreis 360 Euro.
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Regnum Vegetabile     - Vol. 153
(4.)   Stuessy, Tod F., &, Lack, Hans Walter, (Eds.)     [ 2011 ]
Monographic Plant Systematics: Fundamental Assessement of Plant Biodiversity
This book focuses on botanical monography, which is the cornerstone of all activities within plant systematics. Within the monograph is where the limits of species are presented, their characteristics, distributions, ecology, correct names, and evolutionary relationships. This information represents the basic statement about species of plants that grow on our planet, from which come additional studies on floristics (what plants grow where) and evolutionary biology. To understand the dynamics of the evolutionary process requires understanding what the closely related species are. Without this basic information, it is virtually impossible to understand mechanisms of organic evolution. Despite the acknowledged importance of botanical monography, in recent years many of the young generation of plant systematists have elected to concentrate more on DNA studies to the exclusion of monography. This raises concerns because it is in the monograph that hypotheses of relationships are revealed, and that are subsequently tested with DNA data. Hence, if no new monographs are being produced, we will soon have no new hypotheses to continue testing. This new book addresses these problems and offers solutions. The book has four parts: (1) The value of botanical monography (2) Data and analysis in monographic work. (3) Literature and nomenclature for monographic research. and (4) Perspectives. The objectives in the 12 chapters of the book, all authored by established monographers, are to present ideas on the importance of monography and those tools that are available for doing successful monographic work. CONTENTS: Preface / Part 1: The VALUE OF BOTANICAL MONOGRAPHY (Importance of the botanical monograph, by T. F. Stuessy/ Monography and biodiversity studies, by Ghillean T. Prance)/ Part 2: DATA ANALYSIS IN MONOGRAPHIC WORK (The significance of field work in monographic studies, by David M. Spooner/ Multiple sources of comparative data for creative monography, by Tod F. Stuessy/ DNA barcoding and systematic monographs, by W. John Kress/ Multivariate morphometrics and its application to monography at specific and infraspecific levels, byKarol Marhold)/ Part 3: LITERATURE AND NOMENCLATURE FOR MONOGRAPHIC RESEARCH (Literature and online resources for monographers, by Christiane Anderson/ Modern botanical illustration, by H. Walter Lack/ The need for nomenclature for precise communication, by Nicholas Turland/ Botanical Latin today, by H. Walter Lack/ Part 4: PERSPECTIVES (From manuscript to the public: Modes of monographic publication, by Wm. Wayt Thomas and Barbara M. Thiers/ The future of botanical monography, by Tod F. Stuessy and H. Walter Lack) / INDEX.
232 pages, hardcover, engl. (Regnum Vegetabile, 153)
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Regnum Vegetabile     - Vol. 155
(5.)   Turland, Nicholas J.     [ 2013 ]
The Code Decoded
This book is the users guide to the International Code of Nomenclature for algae, fungi, and plants, specifically the Melbourne Code. The objective has been to create a text that is reasonably clear and simple, using plain language as far as possible, to serve newer users of the Code as well as veterans who are not familiar with every arcane detail. The chapters are arranged for quick reference, e.g. important dates for certain rules, how to publish a new name, how to find the correct name for a taxon, how to designate a type, or even how to try to change the Code itself. Subheadings, boxes, bulleted lists, tables, key words in boldface, a subject index, and an index to scientific names help users to find information.
V+169 pages, 18 illustr., hardcover, engl. (Regnum Vegetabile, 155)
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Regnum Vegetabile     - Vol. 157
(6.)   Wiersma, J. H. , et al., (Eds.)     [ 2015 ]
International Code of Nomenclature for algae, fungi, and plants (Melbourne Code) adopted by the Eighteenth International Botanical Congress Melbourne, Australia, July 2011: APPENDICES II - VIII
Table of contents (provisional): Preface / Appendix IIA Conserved and rejected names of families D. Pteridophyta / F. Fossil plants (excl. diatoms) / Appendix IIB Conserved and rejected names of families of Bryophytes and spermatophytes : C. Bryophyta /E. Spermatophyta / Appendix III Conserved and rejected names of genera and subdivisions of genera :A. Algae :A1. Bacillariophyceae (incl. fossil diatoms) / A2. Bodonophyceae / A3. Chlorophyceae /A4. Chrysophyceae / A5. Cyanophyceae / A6. Dinophyceae / A7. Euglenophyceae / A8. Phaeophyceae / A9. Rhodophyceae / A10. Trichomonado- phyceae / A11. Xanthophyceae / B. Fungi / C. Bryophyta /: C1. Hepaticae / C2. Musci /D. Pteridophyta / E. Spermatophyta / E1. Gymnospermae / E2. Angiospermae / F. Fossils (excl. diatoms) / Appendix IV Conserved and rejected names of species and infraspecific taxa : A. Algae / B. Fungi / C. Bryophyta / D. Pteridophyta / E. Spermatophyta / F. Fossils (excl. diatoms) / Appendix V Suppressed names : A. Algae / B. Fungi /C. Bryophyta / D. Pteridophyta / E. Spermatophyta / Appendix VI Suppressed works / Appendix VII Binding decisions on descriptive statements / Appendix VIII Binding decisions on confusability of names /Index - The rules that govern the scientific naming of algae, fungi, and land Plants are revised at Nomenclature Section meetings at successive Australia in July 2011 were embodied in the main volume of the International Code of Nomenclaturefor algae, fungi, and plants, published in 2012 as Regnum Vegetabile volume 154. Among the decisions made in Melbourne was that the Appendices to the Code (other than App. I on the nomenclature of hybrids) could be published in electronic form only and therefore need no longer be published together with the main text. Consequently the volume published in 2012 comprised only the main text of the Code and noted that App. IIVIII would be published later, both as a printed volume and electronically. This volume represents that later publication of these Appendices. Appendices IIVI cover conserved and rejected names and suppressed works as in the Vienna Code (McNeill & al. in Regnum Veg. 146. 2006), but App. VII and VIII are new and reflect the decision of the Melbourne Congress to include in Appendices the binding decisions under Art. 38.4 of the Code on whether or not to treat a name as under Art. 53.5 on whether or not to treat names as homonyms when it is doubtful whether they or their epithets are sufficiently alike to be confused.
XIX+492 pages, hardcover, engl. (Regnum Vegetabile, 157)
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Regnum Vegetabile     - Vol. 159
(7.)   Turland, Nicholas J., et al.     [ 2018 ]
International Code of Botanical Nomenclature for Algae, Fungi and Plants (Shenzen Code) 2018
XXXVIII+254 pages, hardcover, engl. (Regnum Vegetabile, 159)
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