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Strelitzia     - Vol. 1
(1.)   Huntley, B.J.     [ 1994 ]
Botanical diversity in southern Africa
Southern Africa, comprising Angola, Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland, Zabia and Zimbabwe, possesses one of the richest assemblages of plants in the world. With over 30.000 species in ecosystems ranging from desert dunes to rain forest, the subcontinent includes the hottrst "hot-spot" of floristc diversity on the planet, the Cape Floristic Region. This volume provides a comprehensive assessment of the patterns of plant diversity, the current conservation status of species and ecosystems, the traditional and potential uses of the flora and concludes with a detailed analysis of priorities for action within the region.
412 pages, softcover, engl. (Strelitzia, 1)
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Strelitzia     - Vol. 2
(2.)   Gordon-Gray, K.D., (Edit.)     [ 1995 ]
Cyperaceae in Natal
Contents: Abstract. Introduction. Glossary. Keys to genera. Treatment of genera and species (180p). References. Hybrid catalogue. Addendum. Index
218 pages, 57 SEM photos, 32 line figs, Paper bound, engl. (Strelitzia, 2)
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Strelitzia     - Vol. 3
(3.)   Taylor, H.C.     [ 1996 ]
Cederberg Vegetation and Flora
Contents: Abstract. Introduction. Environment. Floristic classification (The plant communities). Floristic analysis. References. Checklist. Appendices
76 pages, 19 photos, 3 diagrams, 4 tabs, 2 maps, softcover, engl. (Edit: National Botanical Institute) (Strelitzia, 3)
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Strelitzia     - Vol. 4
(4.)   Hilton-Taylor, Craig     [ 1996 ]
Red Data List of Southern African Plants
A list is given of the 4149 plant taxa whose conservation status has been assessed in southern Africa. The current name of each taxon is given together with an indication of its known distribution in southern Africa, its conservation status in each country and province, whether it is endemic to the region, and its global conservation status.
117 pages, hardcover, engl. (Edit: National Botanical Institute) (Strelitzia, 4)
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Strelitzia     - Vol. 5
(5.)   Meyer, N.L., Mössmer, M, &, Smith, G.F., (Eds.)     [ 1997 ]
Taxonomic Literature of Southern African Plants
A list of the most important southern African plant taxonomic literature is provided for all indigenous genera. The references are those that will be most useful for plant identification at the species and infraspecific levels
164 pages, hardcover, engl. (Strelitzia, 5)
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Strelitzia     - Vol. 6
(6.)   Retief, E., &, Hermann, P.P.J.     [ 1997 ]
Plants of the northern provinces of South Africa
Descriptions of ferns, gymnosperms, monocots, and dicots of the Northern Province, Gauteng, North-West and Mpumalanga. The entries include life form, height, distinguishing characters, flower colour, flowering time, habiat, etc., keys to families and genera
681 pages, hardcover, engl. (Strelitzia, 6)
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Strelitzia     - Vol. 7
(7.)   Fish, Lyn     [ 1999 ]
Preparing herbarium species
The book is aimed at those who have to prepare herbarium specismens as part of their job or during their studies
57 pages, 29 line drawings, Softcover, engl. (Strelitzia, 7)
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Strelitzia     - Vol. 8
(8.)   Perry, Pauline L.     [ 1999 ]
Bulbinella in South Africa
78 pages, 14 colour plates, Softcover, engl. (Strelitzia, 8)
Out of print. Vegriffen. Épuisé.
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Strelitzia     - Vol. 9
(9.)   Goldblatt, Peter, &, Manning, John C.     [ 2000 ]
Cape Plants: A Conspectus of the Cape Flora of South Africa
Cape Plants is a complete synoptic account of the Cape Flora, including ferns and fern allies, gymnosperms and angiosperms. Keys to families and genera are also included. Species entries include a diagnostic description, flowering time, habitat and distribution. Species are arranged alphabetically and grouped in natural clusters to fascilate identification. Cape plants follows the most recent available treatments for all plant groups, and the accounts of several families and many genera have been contribute by specialists in those groups. An introduction essay describes the geology, climate and the physical and floristic characteristics of the flora.
744 pages, ill, hardcover, engl. (Strelitzia, 9)
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Strelitzia     - Vol. 10
(10.)   Leistner, O.A.     [ 2000 ]
Seed plants of southern Africa: families and genera
In all research involving plants, it is essential to be certain of their must know their names. In a region such as southern Africa (Namibia, Botswana, South Africa, Swaziland and Lesotho) with some 227 families of seed plants, comprising about 2180 genera with more than 22.000 species, identifying a plant can be a formidable task. This book provides identification keys to all families and genera of seed plants indigenous to and naturalised on the subcontinent. Families and genera are critically described, together with notes on their distribution and size, both local and worldwide, and with lists of the most important literature.
775 pages, hardcover, engl. (Strelitzia, 10)
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