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(51.)   Renner, Susanne S.     [ 2005 ]
256 pages, ill., hardcover, engl. (Flora Neotropica Monographs, Vol. 95)
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(52.)   Repka, Radomír, Grulich, Vít     [ 2014 ]
Ostrice Ceske Republiki terénní obrazovy Pruvodce
Bildband über die Gattung Carex der Tschechischen Republik. Mit ausführlichen morphologischen Angaben, Abbildungen, Verbreitungskarten...
205 pages, illustr., Paper bound, tschech.
Letztes Exemplar. Last Copy.
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(53.)   Rudall, P.J., Cribb, Phillip J., Cutler, David F., &, Humphries, Christopher J.     [ 1995 ]
Monocotyledons: Systematics and Evolution. 2 vols
This two-volume set dedicated to Rolf Dahlgren (1932-1986) contains 31 papers at an international Monocotyledons: Systematics and Evolution symposium at Kew in 1993.
XXII+750 pages, Paper bound, engl.
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(54.)   Ruksans, Janis     [ 2011 ]
Crocuses: A Complete Guide to the Genus
Winsome, charming, and brilliant are just three of the adjectives that crocuses typically elicit from grateful, color-starved gardeners. Indeed, few flowers can rival crocuses for the cheer they bring to the barren, late-winter garden and for the affection in which they are held by millions of gardeners. But though they''re viewed as an icon of early spring, crocuses aren''t just one-season wonders: there are also dozens of striking autumn-blooming species that appear just when they''re most needed, as summer''s flowers wind down. And because many species originate in the Mediterranean basin, they''re ideal for gardens in which summer irrigation has been reduced or eliminated. In this comprehensive, up-to-date volume, bulb expert JanisRuksans surveys all the known species in this remarkable genus, including those that have been discovered since the appearance of Brian Mathew''s 1982 monograph. A seasoned plant explorer, Ruksans has observed many species in the wild, and so is able to offer valuable insights into how they may best be grown. He also discusses their use in the garden, their botanical characteristics, and classification-all in nonspecialist language so that even readers without a botanical background can profit by his knowledge and broad experience. Illustrated with 300 stunning photographs, this book will be indispensable for all those with a serious interest in crocuses, from collectors and bulb enthusiasts to nursery professionals and garden designers.
280 pages, 307 colour photos, 10 b/w photos, 4 drawings, hardcover, engl.
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(55.)   Samuelsson, Gunnar     [ 1943 ]
Die Verbreitung der Alchemilla-Arten aus der Vulgaris-Gruppe in Nordeuropa (Fennoskandia und Dänemark)
159 pages, Paper bound, dt. (Acta Phytogeographica Suecica, 16), Uppsala ()
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(56.)   Scheuchzer, Johannes     [ 1719 ]
Operis Agrostographici idea seu Graminum Juncorum, Cyperorum, Cyperoidum, iisque affinum Methodus (Reprint 2008)
VIII+93+XIV pages, hardcover, lat.
Robuste Sammlersausgabe in Halbleinen mit Pariser Marmor.
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(57.)   Scheuchzer, Johannes     [ 1719 ]
Operis Agrostographici idea seu Graminum Juncorum, Cyperorum, Cyperoidum, iisque affinum Methodus (Reprint 2008)
VIII+93+XIV pages, hardcover, lat.
Robuste Bibliotheksausgabe in Ganzleinen.
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(58.)   Schou, Jens Christian, Wind, Peter, &, Laegaard, Simon     [ 2010 ]
Danmarks siv og frytler [Die Binsen und Simsen Dänemarks]
Mit Bestimmungsschlüsseln, auch zur Bestimmung nach vegetativen Merkmalen. Kann auch in den angrenzenden Ländern verwendet werden.
128 pages, zahlr. Farbabbildungen, s/w-Fotos und s/w-Zeichnungen, hardcover, dän.
Out of print. Épuisé. Vergriffen
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(59.)   Täckholm, Vivi, &, Drar, Mohammed     [ 1969 ]
Flora of Egypt. Vol. 4: Angiospermae. Monocotyledones: Zingiberiaceae - Orchidaceae. Dicotyledones: Casuarinaceae - Piperaceae
427 pages, Paper bound, engl. (Bulletin of the Facility of Science, 36), Cairo (Cairo University Press)
Gut erhalten.
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(60.)   The Species Group of the British Iris Society, (Edit.)     [ 2011 ]
A Guide to Species Irises. Their Identification and Cultivation
This volume was first published in 1997 (hardback edition) providing the first comprehensive, botanically detailed and up-to-date survey of this beautiful group of plants since publication of The Genus Iris by W. R. Dykes. Following the pattern of the original Dykes monograph, botanical details, cultivation suggestions and general comments are supplied, and the work is generously illustrated with accurate line drawings, colour pictures of unusual species and distribution maps. This survey includes all of the species described so far and takes into account the many changes in classification which have taken place in the group. Information scattered in the literature is brought together in one volume to provide an authoritative reference for professional botanists and growers, and a mine of useful information for amateur gardeners and iris enthusiasts. A 2010 preface has been written especially for the re-issue of this important text. Contents: The Iris in History. Cultivation and the Great Genus. Chromosomes and the Genus Iris. Identification Guide for Plants as Received. Subgenus Iris: the Bearded Irises. Subgenus Limniris: The Bearddless Irises. Subgenus Nepalensis. Subgenus Xiphium. Subgenus Scorpiris. Subgenus Hermodactyloides. References. Bibliography. Glossary. Maps. Drawings. Plates. Index.
XIX+371 pages, 27 figures, 128 b/w photographs, Paper bound, engl.
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