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(41.)   Breuss, Othmar     [ 1990 ]
  Series: Stapfia...
Die Flechtengattung Catapyrenium (Verrucariaceae) in Europa
174 pages, 24 Tafeln im Anhang, softcover, dt. (Stapfia, 23)
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(42.)   Brodo, Irwin M.     [ 2016 ]
Keys to Lichens of North America
Created in response to requests from longtime users, this addition to the acclaimed reference to North American lichens compiles updated and expanded keys for the identification of these fascinating organisms. An ideal laboratory resource, it covers over 2,000 species of lichens indigenous to the continent. There is no comparable volume available for classroom, workshop, or private use. A glossary is illustrated with photographs by Sylvia Duran Sharnoff and Stephen Sharnoff and drawings by Susan Laurie-Bourque, all from the original book. The revised keys are an indispensable identification tool for botanists, students, scientists, and enthusiasts alike.
XI+427 pages, 13 color-, 33 b/w-ill., Paper bound, engl.
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(43.)   Brodo, Irwin M., Sharnoff, Sylvia Duran, &, Sharnoff, Stephen     [ 2001 ]
Lichens of North America
The book focuses on 805 foliose, fruticose, and crustose lichens (the latter rarely included in popular guidebooks) and presents information on another 700 species in the keys or notes, special attention is given to species endemic to North America. A comprehensive introduction discusses the biology, structure, uses, and ecological significance of lichens and is illustrated with 90 additional color photos and many line drawings. English names are provided for most species, and the book also includes a glossary that explains technical terms. This visually rich and informative book will open the eyes of nature lovers everywhere to the fascinating world of lichens.
828 pages, 821 b/w-ill., 927 colour plates, hardcover, engl.
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(44.)   Bryolichenologica Asiatica     [ 2011 ]
Vol. 3: Dr. Ming-Jou Lai Memorial Volume
CONTENTS: 1. Life and activities of Dr. Ming-Jou Lai. Koponen, T.: Ming-Jou Lai (1949-2007), bryologist, lichenologist, ornamental horticulturist and generous benefactor 3. Gao, C. & Cao, T.: In memory of Dr. Ming-Jou Lai and our fruitful cooperation in bryological research 19. Li, X.-J. & Zang, M.: In fond memory: a new Cordyceps species named after Prof. Dr. Ming-Jou Lai 23. Reinikka, E.: Annotated bibliography of Dr. Ming-Jou Lai 27. 2. Bryophytes. 2.1. Taxonomy, systematics and nomenclature. Bell, N. & Hyvönen, J.: A dendroid form of Pogonatum cirratum (Polytrichopsida, Bryophyta) from Mt. Kinabalu (Sabah, Malaysia) 39. Cao, T., Li, X., Zuo, B., Zhang, J. & Guo, S.: Plaubelia involuta - a moss genus and species of Pottiaceae new to China 47. Guo, S.-L., Zhen, Y.-Y., Cao, T. & He, S.: New synonym and record of the genus Ulota D. Mohr (Musci, Orthotrichaceae) in moss flora of China 51. Ji, M. C. & Enroth, J.: Contributions to Neckera (Neckeraceae, Musci) in China ....61. Koponen, T.: Notes on Philonotis (Bartramiaceae, Musci). 8. Philonotis in William Mitten''s "Musci Indiæ orientalis" and key to southeast Asian taxa 69. Koponen, T.: Notes on Philonotis (Bartramiaceae, Musci). 9. Philonotis . lizangii, species nova, from Yunnan Province of China 91. Linis, V. C. & Tan, B. C.: Eleven new records of Philippine mosses 95.Mao, L., Lin, P.-J., He, S. & Zhang, L.: Syntrichia amphidiacea (Müll. . Hal.) R. H. Zander new to continental Asia from China. Pócs, T.: East African bryophytes, XXVI. New records from the Mayotte (Maore) Island (French Comoro) 105.Reinikka, E.: On the use of two Chinese characters denoting mosses (Musci) and hepatics (Hepaticae) 115. Wu, P.-C.: Notes of the Chinese Homaliodendron (Neckeraceae, Musci) 119. 2.2. Study on spores of Asian bryophytes. He, Q. & Zhu, R.-L.: Spore output in 24 Asian bryophytes 125. 3. Flora of Hunan Province of China. 3.1. Bryophytes. Ignatova, E. A., Ignatov, M. S. & Koponen, T.: Bryophyte flora of Hunan Province, China. 13. Pterobryaceae (Musci) 131. Koponen, T.: Bryophyte flora of Hunan Province, China. 14. Philonotis laii, species nova (Bartramiaceae, Musci) 137. Piippo, S.: Bryophyte flora of Hunan Province, China. 15. Genera Asterella, Fossombronia, Isotachis, Jubula and Metzgeria (Aytoniaceae, Fossombroniaceae, Balantiopsaceae, Jubulaceae and Metzgeriaceae) 145. 3.2. Lichens. Vitikainen, O. & Koponen, T.: Notes on the lichen genus Peltigera of Hunan Province, China 151.4. Bryophyte flora of the Huon Peninsula, Papua New Guinea. Norris, D. H., Koponen, T. & Shevock, J. R.: Bryophyte flora of the Huon Peninsula, Papua New Guinea. LXXII. Spiridentaceae (Musci) 157.Index of names. Nomenclatural novelties in Acta Bryolichenologica Asiatica 3, 2010 ...175 .
pages, Paper bound, engl. (Acta Bryolichenologica Asiatica, Vol. 3)
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(45.)   Büdel, Burkhard     [ 1987 ]
Zur Biologie und Systematik der Flechtengattungen Heppia und Peltula im südlichen Afrika
150 pages, 244 Einzelabb. in 44 Taf, softcover, dt. (Edit: Wirth, Volkmar, &, Poelt, J.) (Bibliotheca Lichenologica, Volume 23)
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(46.)   Cezanne, Rainer, &, Eichler, Marion     [ 2015 ]
Verbreitungsatlas der Flechten von Darmstadt - einschließlich flechtenbewohnender Pilze
239 pages, zahlr. Farbfotografien und Verbreitungskarten, Paper bound, dt. (Botanik und Naturschutz in Hessen, Beiheft 12)
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(47.)   Cezanne, Rainer, Eichler, Marion, Hohmann, Marie-Luise, &, Wirth, Volkmar     [ 2008 ]
Die Flechten des Odenwaldes
Inhaltverzeichnis (Hauptüberschriften): Vorwort. Danksagung. Grundlagen und Erläuterungen (Erfassung und Darstellung. Kartiergebiet. Lebensräume. Erforschung des Odenwaldes). Spezieller Teil (Vorkommen der Arten im Gebiet. Heidelberg - einst und jetzt. Auswertung. Wege zur Erhaltung und Entwicklung von Flechtenlebensräumen. Liste der Arten. Literatur. Zusammenfassung. Fototeil)
520 pages, zahlr. Verbreitungskarten und Tabellen, 12 Farbtafeln, hardcover, dt. (andrias, 17)
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(48.)   Choisy, M.     [ 1949 - 1954 ]
Catalogue des lichens de la région lyonnaise
184 pages, , franz.
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(49.)   Church, J.M., Coppins, B.J., Gilbert, O.L., James, P.W., &, Stewart, N.F.     [ 1997 ]
Lichens. Vol. 1: Britain
177 data sheets describing appearance, distribution, ecology, threats and conservation requirements. The photographs show selected species and habiats
84 pages, 16 col. photos, hardcover, engl. (Edit: Joint Nature Conservation Committee) (Red Data Books of Britain and Ireland, )
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(50.)   Clauzade, G., &, Roux, Claude     [ 1985 ]
Likenoj de Okcidenta Eùropo. Ilustrita determinlibro (Lichens d''Europe Occidentale. Flore illustrée. Rédigée en espéranto)
893 pages, hardcover, esp. (Bulletin de la Société Botanique du Centre-Ouest, N.S. 7)
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