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(21.)   Frey, Wolfgang, (Edit.)     [ 2015 ]
Syllabus of Plant Families. Part 4. Pinopsida (Gymnosperms). Magnoliopsida (Angiosperms) p.p.: Subclass Magnoliidae [Amorellanae to Magnolianae], Lilianae p.p. (Acorales to Aparagales)]
Part 4 of Engler''s Syllabus of Plant Families- Pinopsida (Gymnosperms) and Magnoliopsida (Angiosperms) p.p.: Subclass Magnoliidae [Amborellanae to Magnolianae, Lilianae p.p. (Acorales to Asparagales)] provides a thorough treatise of the world-wide morphological and molecular diversity of the Gymnosperms and the first part of the Angiosperms [Magnoliidae: Amborellanae to Magnolianae, Lilianae p.p. (Acorales to Asparagales).] The description of the Gymnosperms, including the extinct diversity, is the first synthesis of classical anatomical-morphological characters with modern molecular data, combined with the numerous new discoveries of fossils, especially from China, made during the last ten years. The Angiosperms are the most diverse group of plants and form nearly 95% of the global vegetation from arctic tundra, resp. subantarctic vegetation formations, to tropical rainforests. There is actually no comprehensive survey covering all families and genera of angiosperms. Engler''s Syllabus is an attempt to fill this gap by covering all angiosperms in two volumes arranged according to the most recent phylogenetic system of APG III (2009). In this first volume (Part 4 of the Syllabus) all families and genera of Magnoliids are described. The monocotyledonous families are covered by the orders Acorales and Alismatales as well as all groups of Liliid orders and families (Petrosaviales, Dioscoreales, Pandanales, Liliales and Asparagales). The Orchidaceae are included with a fully revised and modern treatise, thus representing one of the two most species-rich families of plants. The remaining monocotyledonous groups (Arecales, Commelinales, Poales, Zingiberales and Dasypogonales) and the core eudicotyledons will be treated in Part 5 of the Syllabus of Plant Families. This up-to-date overview of the Pinopsida (Gymnosperms) and Magnoliopsida (Angiosperms) p.p. (Subclass Magnoliidae p.p.) will be of service in the reference literature for a long time. Engler''s Syllabus of Plant Families has since its first publication in 1887 aimed to provide both the researcher, and particularly the student with a concise survey of the plant kingdom as a whole, presenting all higher systematic units right down to families and genera of plants and fungi. In 1954, more than 60 years ago, the 12th edition of the well-known Syllabus der Pflanzenfamilien (Syllabus of Plant Families), set a standard. Now, the completely restructured and revised 13th edition of Engler''s Syllabus published in 5 parts and in English language for the first time also considers molecular data, which have only recently become available in order to provide an up-to-date evolutionary and systematic overview of the plant groups treated. In our molecular times there is a vitally important and growing need to preserve the knowledge of the entire range of diversity and biology of organisms for coming generations, as there is a decline in classical morphological and taxonomical expertise, especially for less popular (showy) groups of organisms. Accordingly, the 13th edition of Syllabus of Plant Families synthesizes both modern data and classical expertise, serving to educate future experts who will maintain our knowledge of the full range of Earth''s biodiversity. Syllabus of Plant Families is a mandatory reference for students, experts and researchers from all fields of biological sciences, particularly botany.
XI+495 pages, 127 colour plates, 1 table, hardcover, engl. (Syllabus of Plant Families, 4)
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(22.)   Gelderen, Dirk M. van, &, Hoey-Smith, J. van     [ 1996 ]
Koniferen-Atlas, 2 Bde
706 pages, 2347 Fotos, 114 Zeichn, Ln, dt.
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(23.)   Govaerts, Rafael, &, Dransfeld, Karl     [ 2005 ]
World Checklist of Palms
223 pages, softcover, engl. (World Checklists and Bibliographies, 8)
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(24.)   Grubov, V.I., Matzenko, A.E., &, Pachomova, M.G.     [ 2002 ]
Plants of Central Asia. Vol. 6. Equisetaceae - Butomaceae. Bibliography (Supplement 1)
Covers families Pteridophyta, Gymnospermae and up to family Butomaceae of monocotyledons inn Angiospermae. Some 79 species to 20 genera of 14 small families are reviewed. Contains a list of references of the flora of Central Asia, supplementing the bibliography given in Volume 1.
X+89 pages, V plates, 4 maps, hardcover, engl. (Edit: Grubov, V. I.)
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(25.)   Guest, E., Townsend, C.C., et al.     [ 1966 ]
Flora of Iraq. Vol. 2. Introductory Taxonomic Material. Pteridophyta, Gymnospermae and Rosaceae
The second volume of the definitive illustrated account of the plants of Iraq. This volume comprises the classification system and taxonomic keys, followed by systematic accounts of the ferns and horsetails, conifers, and genera of Rosaceae.
184 pages, softcover, engl.
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(26.)   Jones, David L.     [ 2002 ]
Cycads of the World
456 pages, ill, hardcover, engl. , 3. ed.
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(27.)   Jonsell, Bengt, (Editor-in-chief), Karlsson, Thomas, (Executive Editor)     [ 2000 ]
Flora Nordica, Vol. 1
This is the fist volume of a new great flora of the Nordic countries dealing with the wild-growing vascular plants of Norden from Finland in the east to Iceland in the west, and from Svalbard in the North to Denmark in the South. The scope is to provide a summary of today´s knowledge. Volume 1 treats 618 taxa of ferns, conifers, and the families Salicaceae to Polygonaceae and includes distribution maps for 256 taxa.
368 pages, 110 figs., hardcover, engl.
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(28.)   Knörzer, Dietrich     [ 1999 ]
Zur Naturverjüngung der Douglasie im Schwarzwald. Inventur und Analyse von Umwelt- und Konkurrenzfaktoren sowie eine Naturschutzfachliche Bewertung
XIV+283 pages, 1 Anhang, Paper bound, dt. (Dissertiationes Botanicae, 306)
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(29.)   Kramer, Karl Ulrich, &, Green, P.S.     [ 1990 ]
Pteridophytes and Gymnoysperms
This encyclopedia offers access to the diversity of ferns and seed plants, the most important group of green land plants. Available information of general and systematic relevance is synthesized at the level of families. Evidence from virtually all disciplines important to modern taxonomy makes the work a most valuable source of reference not only for taxonomists, but for all who are interested in the various aspects of plant diversity. A revised classification includes a complete inventory of genera along with their diagnostic features, keys for their identification, and references to the literature.
XIII+404 pages, 216 figs, hardcover, engl. (Edit: Kubitzki, Klaus) (The Families and Genera of Vascular Plants, Vol. 1), Berlin-Heidelberg-New York (Springer)
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(30.)   Kramer, Karl Ulrich, &, Green, P.S.     [ 1990 ]
Pteridophytes and Gymnoysperms
The first volume deals with Pteridophytes and Gymnosperms.
XIII+404 pages, 216 figures, hardcover, engl. (Edit: Kubitzki, Klaus) (The Families and Genera of Vascular Plants, Vol. 1), Berlin-Heidelberg-New York (Springer)
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