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(1.)   Abang, Mathew Musumbale     [ 2003 ]
Genetic Diversity of Colletotrichum gloeosporioides Penz. causing Anthracnose Disease of Yam (Dioscorea spp.) in Nigeria
XI+139 pages, 19 figures, 15 tables, softcover, engl. (Bibliotheca Mycologica, 197)
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(2.)   Abbott, Bernard F.M.     [ 2009 ]
Checklist of the Lichens and Lichenicolous Fungi of Greece
Contents: Summary. Introduction. Acknowledgements. History of Lichenology in Greece. The Checklist. Greek Place Names. B. Abbotts Peloponnesian Sites. References. Publications not seen.
368 pages, Paper bound, engl. (Edit: Wirth, Volkmar) (Bibliotheca Lichenologica, Volume 103)
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(3.)   Agerer, R., Piepenbring, Meike, &, Blanz, Paul     [ 2004 ]
Frontiers in Basidiomycote Bryology.
Festschrift zum 65. Geburtstag von Prof. Dr. Franz Oberwinkler.
430 pages, 80 Farbabb., 124 S/W-Abb, hardcover, engl.
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(4.)   Allescher, Andreas     [ 1903 ]
Dr. L. Rabenhorst''s Kryptogamen-Flora von Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz. Erster Band: Pilze: VII. Abtheilung: Funi imperfecti
VIII+1072 pages, zahlr. s/w-Abbildungen, hardcover, dt. , Leipzig (Eduard Kummer), 2. vollst. neu bearb. ed.
Ehemaliges Bibliotheksexemplar. Gut erhalten.
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(5.)   Antonin, Vladimir, &, Noordeloos, Machiel M.E.     [ 1997 ]
  Series: Libri Botanici...
A Monograph of Marasmius, Collybia and related genera in Europe - Part 2: Collybia, Gymnopus, Rhodocollybia, Crinipellis and additions to Marasmiellus
256 pages, 46 Farbabb., 52 s/w-Abb, softcover, dt. (Libri Botanici, Vol. 17)
Vergriffen. Nicht mehr lieferbar.
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(6.)   Antonin, Vladimir, &, Noordeloos, Machiel M.E.     [ 2010 ]
A monograph of marasmioid and cyllbioid fungi in Europe
The present work is a fully revised edition of two formerly published volumes (Antonin & Noordeloos, 1993 & 1997). A new edition seemed to be necessary to include new species, new records, and changed taxonomic concepts in the groups concerned. Phylogenetic studies using molecular markers radically changed our insight in the relationships in the group concerned, and forced us to re - evaluate morphological and ecological characters which formed the base of earlier classifications. These studies are still in full progress, and the results so far do not allow us to present a ''definitive'' classification. It is also our concern to maintain or create nomenclatural stability instead of introducing new generic and infrageneric names. Consequently the classification presented here, although it fundamentally differs from our earlier ones, still is a compromise. By accepting both monophyletic and polyphyletic genera, we have tried to present the most actual state of knowledge, also keeping in mind that the primary goal of this book claims to be an up-to-date idetification tool, which requires a practical and clear concept.
480 pages, 131 figures, 130 coloured plates, hardcover, engl.
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(7.)   Aptroot, Andre     [ 2006 ]
Conspectus of Mycosphaerella
VI+231 pages, softcover, holl.
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(8.)   Arnold, Norbert     [ 1993 ]
  Series: Libri Botanici...
Morphologisch-anatomische und chemische Untersuchungen an der Untergattung Telamonia (Cortinarius, Agaricales)
213 pages, 44 Farbabb., 168 s/w-Tafeln, softcover, dt. (Libri Botanici, Vol. 7)
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(9.)   Aronsen, Arne, &, Laessoe, Thomas     [ 2016 ]
The genus Mycena s. l.
This book is the fifth volume in the series of "Fungi of Northern Europe". It provides identification keys, descriptions, colour photographs, drawing of microscopical features of 113 northern European species of Mycena s. l. This book is based on more than 30 years of experience with this fascinating group of often tiny beautiful agarics.
373 pages, many colour photos and illustrations, hardcover, engl.
Out of stock. Orders on request.
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(10.)   Arrillaga Anabitarte, Pedro     [ 2004 ]
Guia de los champinones des Pais Vasco y su entorno. Estudio del género Agaricus L.
197 pages, 113 photographies en couleurs, softcover, span.
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