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(1.)   Aedo Perez, Carlos, Velayos Rodriguez, Mauricio, de la Estrella, Manuel, &, Cabezas, Francisco, (Eds.)     [ 2010 ]
Flora de Guinea Ecuatorial. Claves de plantas vasculares de Annobón, Bioko y Rio Muni. Vol. 5. Leguminosae
For each species accepted name, author and bibliographic reference are give, synonyms, types, decscriptions, figures, habitat and altitude, distribution, material studied, and a map for each species.
LXI+529 pages, many colour plates and distribution maps, hardcover, span.
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(2.)   Akeroyd, John, &, Illustrated by, Farrer, Ann     [ 2014 ]
  Series: BSBI Handbook...
Docks and knotweeds of the British Isles
Based on "Docks and knotweeds of the BI", first published in 1981, this long-awaited edition has substantially revised and rewritten, with added treatments of many previously unrecorded hybrids and adventives, new distribution maps and keys, and 67 specially drawn illustrations by the outstanding botanical artist Ann Farrer. Covering the whole of the British and Irish Polygonaceae, it incorporates much recent taxonomic research as well as updating the nomenclature in line with current practice.
256 pages, 67 full page illustrations, softcover, engl. (Edit: Botanical Society of the British Isles) (BSBI Handbook, No. 3), 2. ed.
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(3.)   Anchisi, Egidio, Bernini, Adriano, Piaggi, Emanuela, &, Polani, Francesco     [ 2010 ]
Genziane d''Europa
Monographie der europäischen Einzianarten.
344 pages, durchgehend mit Farbfotos, hardcover, ital.
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(4.)   Anonymus     [ 2023 ]
  Series: BSBI Handbook...
Willow-herbs (Epilobium) of the British Isles
pages, Paper bound, engl. (BSBI Handbook, )
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(5.)   Ashburner, Kenneth, &, McAllister, Hugh A.     [ 2016 ]
The Genus Betula. A Taxonomic Revision of Birches (reprinted with corrections)
The stunning Betula, or birch trees, are notoriously difficult to identify despite being one of the major contributors to the beautiful fall foliage famous in eastern North America. With many wrongly named birches appearing in nurseries and arboreta, this new book, the first ever written on the genus, is an important and much-needed work. The Genus Betula covers all known birches found in North America, Europe, and Asia, along with keys for accurate identification. Chapters include a look at the breeding, cultivation, conservation, and morphology of all species, including several little-known species wonderful for garden and landscape use. The authors present previously unpublished data on recent molecular work and fossils, providing a cytotaxonomic and phylogeographic revision of the Betula genus. The book is accompanied by exquisite specimens of botanical art, including full-color paintings by Josephine Hague, making it a valuable tool for arboriculturists as well as professional and amateur gardeners.
XVI+431 pages, 298 figures, hardcover, engl. (Botanical Magazine Monograph, )
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(6.)   Bernardi, Luciano     [ 1979 ]
  Series: Boissiera...
Tentamen revisions generis Ferulago
182 pages, Paper bound, (Boissiera, 30)
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(7.)   Bernini, Adriano, Marconi, Giancarlo, &, Polani, Francesco     [ 2002 ]
Campanule d''Italia e dei territori limitrofi
188 pages, 97 Farbfotos, 25 s/w-Zeichnungen, softcover, ital.
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(8.)   Brickell, Chris D., &, Mathew, Brian     [ 1981 ]
Daphne. The Genus in the Wild & in Cultivation
(4)+194 pages, many photographs and figures, hardcover, engl. (Edit: Alpine Garden Society) , Woking ()
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(9.)   Brickell, Chris D., &, Mathew, Brian     [ 1981 ]
Daphne. The Genus in the Wild & in Cultivation
(4)+194 pages, many photographs and figures, hardcover, engl. (Edit: Alpine Garden Society) , Woking ()
Antiquarisches Exemplar. Oberer Einband leicht bestoßen. Gut erhalten.
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(10.)   Briquet, John Isaac     [ 1891 - 1895 ]
Les Labiées des Alpes Maritimes. Études Monographiques sur les labiées qui croissent spontanément dans la chaine des Alpes Maritimes et dans le département francais de ce nom (= Émile Burnat - Matériaux pour servir à l'Hoistoire de la Flora des Alpes Ma
John Briquet war Direktor des Botanischen Gartens in Genf. Er befasste sich insbesondere mit der Flora von Korsika, der Seealpen und von Nordafrika. Ein Schwerpunkt seiner Forschung lag auf den Lamiaceen und hier insbesondere auf der Gattung Galeopsis.
XVII+587 pages, 56 Abbildungen in Text und auf Tafeln, hardcover, franz. , Genève et Bale (H. Georg)
Antiquarisches Exemplar. Einband bestoßen. Sonst gut erhalten.
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